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RE: oh help i can't see (adding ice melt)


Ice melter may have KCL in it but I'm pretty sure its not "food grade" or
even "agricultural grade". Who knows what other chemicals are in it? I
would do a large water change and add activated carbon in the water flow
path or filter. I suspect there is some kind of poisoning going on. 

> From: "josh bjork" <fishytaste at hotmail_com>
> Subject: oh help i can't see
> I'm on my third fish this week that is dying with the exact same
> They seem just fine.  Then they start sitting at the surface gasping for 
> air.  their nose gets red in front of their eyes.  Then they just
> It just takes a hour or two from start to finish.  The last thing i did
> put a teaspoon of KCL from some ice melt in the tank.  Only one fish at a 
> time.  I would have thought if there was some foreign substance in it
> all of the fish would be affected in some way.  But some are spawning at
> same time.  help?