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Re: Workhorse 5 Wiring

 Aaron Ivers asked:

> I was hoping that someone could tell me which wiring
> diagram to use to
> wire my two 55watt 2G11 bulbs to my Workhorse 5 for
> maximum output.

2G11 is pins all in one row.  If the pins on the end of the
bulb are all in one row (that's what Fulham calls an OS
bulb  -- for Osram/Philips), use diagram 11 for the
workhorse 5


If they are in two rows, laid out like a square (which
Fulham calls a PA bulb -- for Panasonic), then use
use a workhorse 7 or 8

Most of the Fulhams have the wires you mentioned, but the
voltages and currents are different with different
ballasts.  The wiring diagrams, and number of ballasts give
a great deal of flexibility.

Hope that helps,

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