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Re: Barley

> 1. More studies done on this subject have shown little to no benefit to algae
> control than those that did.

On the species of algae that is most common to our tanks.

> 2. Despite this fact, marketing of barley straw products, particularly in the
> pond industry, has become common and has many proponents.  (would like to
> hear form some actual pond hobbysists opinions who have used this.  It would
> be interesting to find how many say it is bunk)...my next task at hand

The pond folks semm to give it two thumbs up for green water control but
here again, the lowly Daphnia, can literally remove any Green water issue,
unless you something in the pond that eats them etc.
> 3. Many other methods and practices can be used to actually control algae
> that are much more successful.

> 4. To continue testing and retesting the subject, at least at this point, is
> really folly based on the work done thus far.

Well, the work/research is inconclusive IMO. "Maybe it does, maybe it
doesn't but we don't know why...."
That sounds like a politician:-)
> 5.  Learn good aquarium basics and you will go farther than trying to cheat.

Well we all try some cheating along the way. I've done enough of it to know
it doesn't work in the long run.

Having exposed my tanks to hundreds of species of algae, I know I never will
need an algicide for controlling any algae.

Tom Barr

> Duane 
> AquaServe.com