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Re: HACH pricing in Canada

Tom Wood asked:
"But do you -really- need that level of precision anyway?

While on the subject of Canada, I saw Bowling for Columbine. Do you leave
your door unlocked too?"

I reply - only if I'm sure no crazies from south of the border are in the
neighborhood ;-)

B.T.W., I have no idea what Bowling for Columbine is, so if it was a slam or
a joke, it went right over my head. (and you need not bother to enlighten

As for any "need" for a high precision test kit, that is something for each
individual hobbyist (and their pocket book) to decide. In some cases, and
for some tests, the answer might be yes, in others no. That isn't up to me
(or you) to decide for anyone other than myself (or yourself).

This is a hobby which can be approached in many ways - from the very
technical to the blasé. There is, after all, a large element of "knack" in
being able to grow plants well. Some people just seem to have green thumbs
while others are all thumbs. It can probably be safely assumed that, in most
cases a lot of technical details can be avoided, but there are some hidden
"gotcha's" which can bite you on the a** if you aren't aware of the
technical details.

The APD has traditionally been a place where BOTH the technical hobbyist and
the technophobe have felt at home. Everyone has benefited from the exchange
of ideas and information. Please don't try to make others feel uncomfortable
by your insistence to "dumb things down". There are plenty of other forums
for you to play that game in.


James Purchase