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Re: Terrestrial vs. aquatic plants

>Hee! Hee! That's one of the main reasons 
>I'm growing aquatic plants.

With me, it's because of the ants.  I used to be the houseplant queen.
Then, about 10 years ago, San Francisco got invaded by Brazilian ants. I
read in the news that they are basically one, gigantic colony ranging up
the entire coast of CA, and they have no natural enemies.  Because they
are one colony, they don't fight each other for territory; they
cooperate instead.  They're EVERYWHERE :^(  I've even found them in my
underwear 8^O  They bring in mealybugs and stick them on the
houseplants.  (no, I didn't find any mealybugs on myself)  I tried
everything, and the only thing that worked was a systemic insecticide
that smelled like toxic waste.  I just didn't want to deal with it any
more, so I switched over to aquatic gardening (I always had fish).  I'm
happy, the fish are ecstatic, and the ants can kiss my ass. (Or, more
likely, bite it)