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Sick Borellii - Please advice

Hi everyone, I've been having a hard time trying to get my sick Borellii to
recover from something I haven't been able to identify. Over a period of
approx a month he became shy and would not come out to eat, I finally caught
him and isolated him in a 10 gallon planted tank along with a couple of
platties that I keep in my son's room. I initially thought the Rams in the
other tank may have been giving him a hard time but now that he's in a
peaceful tank he still doesn't look like he's recovering. I can't notice
anything wrong with him externally, his gills appear fine, his breathing too
is normal. He's very thin now and when I feed him he will come out and look
for food but seems like he just spits it back out. I usually feed dry
granules, dried blood worms etc. I've been using melafix for the past week
hoping it may help but it hasn't yet. I've also noticed since day one that
he yawns often, not sure if that is an indication of anything. Water levels
are good and the only water problem I've had was a PH crash due to too much
CO2 however this happened after he was already sick.

I'd greatly appreciate any ideas or advice.

Giancarlo Podio