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Re: POND life vs. aquarium life

Everybody out there is calling a 6 ACRE BODY OF WATER a
pond!, so what's my 6 feet pond called in the US? a puddle?
a drip? : )

I keep a number of normal aquarium plants submerged in my
pond. The best are the wide leaved and light green rosette
type plants like Echinodorus cordifolius, E grandiflorus
ssp. aureus and Samolus valerandi. The colour contrasts well
against the dark bottom, and the shape allows best viewing
from the top. Light coloured Hygrophila species are good in
bunches. Red and Yellow Livebearers also contrast well, and
are quite cold tolerant.

I live in the middle of a town so there is no danger of
anything escaping in to the wild.

Just imagine planting a SIX ACRE POND with non-invasive
aquarium plants! You would need aqualungs or a mini sub!
Cool.., or is it?


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