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On the way to class

For once I go to class somewhat prepared and early, then coming back the
same route, I find some rushes, Juncus sp, off to one side. They turn out to
be not that suitable of a species, but there's a ton of Red Ludwigia, no
need to go more than a few blocks.

Looking in the road side ditch further, lots of Bacopa carolina and
Moneywort, Sag sublata var, a couple of Echinordorus, one a nice little one,
not sure what it was. A few of the usual suspect weeds that are not good for
planted tanks also growing and the ubiquitous Hydrocotyle.
Extremely dense growth.

I I stopped off again in a semi dry but damp north facing ditch, about 3-4
blocks from my place, Riccia is growing emergent! That surprised me. Not a
little wimpy bit like they show in photo's, but lots of it and nice clumps.
I'll get a picture later. Right in the middle of town.

There's a Cyperus growing in between the Riccia and I'm going to give it a
go for the tank also and see how it does.

Watch out, you might stub your toe on some plant you've been after:-)

Tom Barr