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%&$@!&# algae


I am from Maine, Scarborough to be precise. And you're from where?

Cavan is correct in that your goldfish are providing a lot of nutrients,
especially nitrates. You are also probably getting phosphate from your fish
food too. I had goldfish for some time and they did eat quite a few plants
but not all of them. They had their likes and dislikes. Definitely invest in
the test kits, both Fe (iron) and Po4 (phosphate). Eventually you may want
to get into dosing individual ingredients. Be careful about adding just one
thing like KNO3 and not other nutrients. Unfortunately, it isn't one of
those scenarios where you can slowly learn and add one nutrient at a time
and test for it and grow competent, them move onto adding a second
ingredient. To keep things balanced, you have to do them all and test for a
number of important things. Adjust Ph using Co2 only. Is your co2 a DIY
system or pressure tank?