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algae under microscope

I was looking at two kinds of algae under a cheap microscope last night. I
was looking at what I think is staghorn and beard. I'll describe them and
maybe someone can help me with a positive ID. I'll also email a sketch to
anyone who wants to see what I saw if that helps to ID. The staghorn had
long filaments, with some branching. Under 450x I could see individual cells
attached end to end with the last cell having a curved end. (I'm assuming
each of these chambers makes up a cell. Is that correct?)The algae center
looked like it was filled with lots of dark squiggly lines. The over all
color was a wonderful bright green.

Under 90x I saw this transparent worm like creature moving around. It wasn't
a planaria, I've seen those before. This thing was more transparent and
almost the same shape as a planaria. Any guesses? I can email a sketch.\

The beard algae that was attached to a rock had (at 90x) strands with two to
three branched filaments near the end of some of the mature strands. Dark
green. Couldn't see individual chambers like of the other algae, but I
couldn't get in as close.

Can any with more up-close expertise educate a bit more on labeling what it
is I saw? What the chambers are called and the squiggly innerds?

2-degrees this morning. Am burning my left over kindling and old wood
pallets in the woodstove. Found a frozen mouse in shed and asked wife if I
could bring him in and do some sketching while we watched a movie. She said