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Re: 6 acre pond

Certainly some nice trees along it's banks are in order. A "curly" Willow is
a nice tree for that area. Black Walnuts do well in wetter places. Sycamores
and maples (Acer) etc.
A number of shrubs, sedges like Carex, Juncus etc are nice.
Winter hardy Water lilies.
Chara actually do well and makes thick mats along the bottom and is not that
invasive to the point of choking the upper portions of pond, preventing

The pond will also freeze and turn over in the fall and spring each year,
this is referred to as a dimictic lake/pond. I'd call the body of water a
lake if it's deep enough where plants don't grow in it's deepest portions.

You can grow things like Hyacinth etc, these will die each year and need to
be restocked etc. The water may never get warm enough for them some years
etc. Parrot's feather etc stay away from and other colder water plants.

If you like your water to be clear, add large predators for fish, rather
than smaller fish that will eat Cladoceans etc. Daphnia will do a good job
of clearing your water if you don't have smaller zooplankton eating fish.
Adding larger fish like Large mouth bass, pike, etc will eat these pesky
zooplankton eating fish. Who wants to catch little wimpy fish when there's
big bass to be had?

Do you have landscaping, nursery and/or crops etc near by? Use the pond as a
reservoir and do water changes.
Tom Barr