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%&$@!&# algae

  Ok I am having a serious algae problem. I thinks its my own fault. I wrote 
a week or two ago (rookie needs help) I was using a phosphate buffer to 
adjust ph. This causes algae bloom. ok stop using it do some water changes 
easy enough:( well I think I have more problems then that I have a new 
algae! :) It looks like black hairs growing mostly on plants, I read some 
where that this is usually caused by excessive iron. I am using a plant 
fertilizer that is high in iron. I can't seem to find a iron test kit 
anywhere in the great state of mississippi;| so now I have green algae 
growing all over my glass, rocks, and plants. as well as my new algae:) what 
should I do more water changes bigger? I was thinking 50% once a week.

20gal long 4 2" fancy gold fish. ugf filter with power head with yeast 
method co2 injection through the ugf power head. also a wisper power filer. 
I have about 8 good sized plants.
2 20watt cheap flu plant lights
amon 0
nitrate 0
gh 9dh
kh 9dh

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