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DFW Aquatic Plant Club meeting.

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to take the opporunity to shamelessly promote the club I belong to 
down in Dallas-Fort Worth.  Our next meeting is this coming weekend at Larry 
Lampert's house at 1:00 pm, where we'll be discussing lighting for a planted 
tank.  You can get directions from our website:


This past year, our club has seen an dramatic increase in membership from 
both members in Texas as well as members from out-of-state.  Although this 
may sound commercial, our out-of-state club dues are now only $5.  This will 
give you the opportunity to interact in a private discussion group, give you 
member's access to our website, give you opportunities to trade cool plants, 
as well as other perks which we're working on for this year.  Our club is 
still relatively new, but we're growing by leaps and bounds.  So, if you're 
in Dallas or the surrounding cities in Texas, drop by for a visit this 
weekend or for future weekends.  We'd love to have ya'll come by.  And if 
you're from out-of-state, go ahead and join our group.  It's cheap and you 
couldn't meet a nicer group of people to share your obsession with.

Hope to see some new faces and names at our next meeting.

Bailin Shaw
Executive Board Member
Dallas-Fort Worth Aquatic Plant Club

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