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Pond life vs. aquarium life

Hi Everyone,

	I live right outside of PA and I am currently building a 6 acre
pond. In the spring I will be tasked with stocking my pond with plants.
Since I am new to pond life I have been reading up on the various plants
that are available, both native and non-native. One thing I have found is
that the common plants I use in my aquariums are considered highly invasive
and destructive to ponds. Now that I think about it some plants are highly
invasive in my aquarium but it only takes 20 minutes to rip it all out so I
never paid much attention to them. These same plants are probably ok for the
typical 650 gallon backyard pond as well since there isn't much space for it
to take over. What I don't want to happen is wind up with 6 acres of parrot
feather. Does anyone have any ideas on aquatic plants for pond use that
aren't "too" invasive?