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Re:Mudbugs, crawdads, crayfish

Well, growing up in southern West Virginia, we had what everyone assumed to be 
two kinds of crawdads.  One type lived in the creek, under flat rocks on the stream 
bottom, under water.  The other lived in any damp ground, indeed being a bit of a 
yard pest.  My yard growing up had a liberal amount of crawdad holes.  These start 
with rather white looking shells, very very small, and at different times, I don't know 
if it is time of year or time of life, they look more pink on into red.  We always called 
the red ones "hard shelled" and the paler ones "soft shelled".  The lore among the 
children was that "hard shelled" ones were likely to do more damage with a pinch.
    Never had any blue ones, though.