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Cross Post - ACA Speaker Online Chat

Join us this Tuesday at 9p EST (6p PST, 2a GMT) for our weekly American
Cichlid Association (ACA) Chat in the Aquaria/Fish Forum!
Our special guest this week will be Larry Lampert!

Active in the aquarium hobby since he set up his first aquarium at age seven
 Larry Lampert became involved with organized aquarium societies shortly
thereafter and has been involved with the hobby in one way or another since
that time. He was a member of the Norwalk Aquarium Society from 1976-1982
and is currently a lifetime member of the ACA. He has been a member of the
Texas Cichlid Association since 1995 and recently helped to found and is the
current VP of the DFW Aquatic Plant Club.

Over this time he has kept Fresh, Marine and Brackish water aquariums. He
has collected Cichlids and livebearers in Mexico and Marine fish in the
waters of Florida. He has written articles on Cichlids for the ACA
Buntbarsche Bulletin and TCA "Cichlid Tails"

He has successfully bred many species of Neotropical as well as rift lake
cichlids and grown and propagated over 50 species of aquarium plants.
Currently he keeps cichlids from Central America, Lake Malawi, Tanganyika,
Victoria, and Madagascar as well as some Apistogramma.

He has grown aquatic plants for most of the 29 years he has been in the
hobby. Like many of you out there with varying degrees of success. Recently,
with the help of applied scientific principles he has been able to not only
keep delicate plants alive, but also get them to grow and flourish in an
aquarium setting.

His talk will discuss how to duplicate these methods of controlling algae
through proper nutrient balance in a reproducible way that you can apply to
your own tank.

A well-planted aquarium not only looks great, but also provides fish with a
more natural looking environment, which can assist in spawning certain
delicate species. It can also help fish by providing higher dissolved Oxygen
and lower levels of dissolved organics. Last but certainly not least; a
fully planted aquarium can be aquascaped in an artistic fashion to become a
living work of art.

Beginners and experts alike are welcome to join us. Kathy and Marvin England
will be your hosts.
Don't miss it!

Just point your browser to
http://go.compuserve.com/Fishnet?CHATROOMlJava capable browser required. Chats are open to everyone. CompuServe
membership not required, although we do hope you'll join Fishnet (it's
free!). You can even use your current Instant Messenger id to do so!

If you don't want to register, you can access the chats at
http://forums.compuserve.com/gvforums/default.asp?SRV■t Once you
arrive at the website, click on Chat (a chat applet will load and may take a
minute depending on your computer and access speed). A room list will appear
 Select the ACA Chat Room from the list and click Enter.

To find out more about the American Cichlid Association, visit http://www.cichlid.org