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The pH/KH/CO2 caveat or Peat


For Matt and/or Jenn:  I frequently use peat filtered water to reduce my
pH rather than CO2 (since it doesn't diffuse out).  I'm sure Tom has a
good reason for not suggesting this, perhaps related to my next point:

I've found that the table substantially overestimates my amount of CO2
as measured by my Lamotte kit (or by the "My fish aren't dead at 170
ppm" test), presumably because of the organic acids.  Thinking along
those lines, won't any planted tank have significant amounts of organic
acids kicking around?  Given the popularity of the table in these part,
I guess it hasn't been a problem.

I'd also like to point out that James has yet again shown his scariness
in knowing the technical definition of "smidgen".  Yikes.