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Re: ICK, Plants

I could never keep Rams for long until I set up my first proper planted 
tank. Since then I have had no trouble with this species at all and have had 
a self -sustaining population ever since. Even newly bought specimens that 
have developed Itch a day or so after purchase have recvered on their own 
without any treatment whatsoever. I know this won't be much comfort to the 
original questioner who was having problems treating his Rams in a planted 
tank but it was one of the things that convinced me that planted aquaria 
were the way to go.

Josh wrote:

>Rams are one of the fish that I have had that seem to last about as >long 
>as an ice cream sandwich.  I really like weather loaches too, yet >they all 
>die on me.  I'm not sure why.  I just wanted plants to make a >better 
>environment for the fish, but it has become addictive.  My ick >treatment 
>is to feed the fish a bunch.  Fish that are really eating >are a lot harder 
>to kill in my experience.  Maybe that's an oxymoron >too, I am not sure.

Roy Wadey.

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