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Arizona Gardens plants...

A little over a week ago, I ordered a big wad of plants from Arizona
Gardens, based mostly on what I heard here from satisfied customers.  I have
a 70 gal that I'm starting back up after a short down period, so it was a
pretty substantial order.  Any way, my experience was very good overall.
They were very helpful.  They took my order after closing and still go it
out on time.  They also did a great job advising me on my order and the
plants.  The plants arrived in great shape, wonderful greens and purples, no
wilting etc, save for one madagascar lace that was pretty sad looking.  Over
the last week, they have all has perked up wonderfully.  Most of the cryps
have melted somewhat (as expected), but already show new growth.  The
cabomba has almost doubled in height already and I'm looking at having to
prune it back.  All the different hygrophila have grown several inches, and
I will probably have to prune them in the next week as well.  Even the
madagascar lace plant has two new leaves and is starting on a third.  The
only plant I can't report on yet are the natans bulbs.  I just burried
those.  Did I handle them right?  Anything special I should do to them?

All in all, I can highly recommend them.  Excellent service, excellent