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Re:Mudbugs, crawdads, crayfish

>>I used to catch them in a local creek here in Ontario; less that a foot
of water. but always submerged. I have a (very) old gardening book that
lists them as a "lawn pest" and that they make hills out of mud. Maybe
in the US south, but not here...

Keep in mind though there's hundreds of species of crayfish.

The blue ones are an Australian species.<<

I kept a crayfish that I purchased from a pet store in California, it was
three inches long when I got it, and grew to over 8" in length. It was sold
as a dwarf. It changed color from blue to red, and back to red again. I fed
it hamburger and live goldfish. It would eat any fish that was slow enough
for it to catch, although when I put him in with African cichlids, the
Crawfish was scaird to death. He was always submersed, and he never touched
any plants or algae. He liked his beef! I found it entertaining to watch him
literally tear a fish into peices. Reminded me of Jurasic Park.

Robert Paul Hudson
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