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Mudbugs, crawdads, crayfish

>Stranger creek is tribuitary of the muddy Mississippi.  If anyone wants
>to know how my Grandma dressed and treated fresh caught carp just so it
>melted in your mouth, ask.. 

Sure, do tell.

>From my experience, crayfish can't "swim up" but are quite comfortable
>submerged.  What they will most probably miss is their natural habitat
>of mud.  As for the blue colored "little lobster" offered in the aquaria
>industry, I have no knowledge or experience.

I used to catch them in a local creek here in Ontario; less that a foot
of water. but always submerged. I have a (very) old gardening book that
lists them as a "lawn pest" and that they make hills out of mud. Maybe
in the US south, but not here...

Keep in mind though there's hundreds of species of crayfish.

The blue ones are an Australian species.


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