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Re: Re:Alkalinity and Phosphates

>>I would like to propose a different point from which we measure
"useful" CO2 in the aquarium.  Instead of the phenolphthalein end
point, I propose the CO2 level when a sample of the aquarium water is
in equilibrium with the air.  The amount of CO2 in air is around
0.03% or around 0.65 milligrams per liter.  That is not very much. <<

I read somewhere recently that the CO2 levels of ones aquarium, and perhaps
even oxygen levels has a direct coorelation to the enviorment of where the
aquarium is. The article stated that in a busy office enviorment, or a
resturant, shopping mall, any place where there is a lot of people on a
daily basis, that the pH level in the aquarium drops lower due to the higher
C02 level in the atmosphere from all the people. If this is true, the same
could be said if an aquarium was put in a room full of house plants, such as
a sunroom, a greenhouse, an arboretum... any comments on this? Would the
amount of air being circulated in the room make a difference? Dust levels?
Smoke? Stale air vs. fresh air?

Robert Paul Hudson
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