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Re:Carib Sea Eco-Complete Planted Aquarium Substrate

Marty Wrote:
> I searched the data base for information on this product and found no
> information on this product.  Has anyone used it? Or have an opinion on
> I thought I might put 2 or 3 bags on the bottom then cover with Flourish.
> would go into a 90 gallon tank.

I just received some sample bags from Carib-Sea, I will test them and let
you know the results. I used them in an aquascape in an LFS, however I have
no control over the parameters there, and sure enough when I arrived
yesterday they had the temp up to 87 degrees, the water level was below the
glass, etc. They have been using this substrate over in Europe for some time
according to their technical expert. It comes wet complete with
Heterotrophic bacteria to rapid cycle a tank, has organics, says that it is
unsurpassed MacroPorosity for healthy roots and bacterial efficiency. It is
iron rich, so no need for Flourite, Nitrate and carbonate free,made of
basaltic material with Bi-Modal grading that naturally separates into 2
distinct layers, Fine layer on the bottom and coarse layer on top which
conveys oxygen and nutrients to the roots.  Also contains Calcium,
Magnesium, Potassium, Sulpher, plus over 25 other elements including all the
traces. Says 1-2 lbs. per gallon, 2 is better, comes in 20 lb. bags. No
artificial dyes, paints, or chemical coatings, all natural. Oh and it is
black. The grains are spherical for optimum diffusion performance they say.
And on the calcium content, they say it will not raise the PH.  Whew! It's
not up on their web site yet. Hope that helps, I will let you know the
results of my testing, I plan to test it under varying conditions. In their
multiple trials, they claim that it produced lush growth. Regards, Don