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rookie still needs help: - (

I have been keeping a fish only aquarium for 3 years now. I have just 
recently added some plants. I have money wart, a radican sword, and a water 

sprite. I also had a foxtail but my fish ate it :- (  Any way my tap water 

ph  is around 8.0. I have always used proper ph 7.0 to keep my ph 

stable. I have recently learned this is a phosphate buffer? I have also read 

that it causes algae blooms. witch makes sense because since I added plants and 

more light I have some unbelievable algae. I just added a home made diy co2 

injector yesterday in hopes that my ph won't jump. What is the best way to keep 

my algae and ph down? Also I have stopped using proper ph 7.0 and have done two 25% water changes without adjusting the ph. Is this the right thing to do? It hasn't effect my ph yet.
                                                    thanks Matt

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