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Duckweed Deliverance!

Here's a tip for those with tanks infested with duckweed:

I had a few tanks that got polluted with the stuff. I'd net out what I could, 
use a hair comb to scrape it off the surface, and dab it out with my fingers. 
No luck. It took a lot of time and it was impossible to remove all of the 

So I took a 3/8" flex hose and attached it to a wet vac. It works perfectly 
for sucking duckweed off the water surface. In a few minutes, the tank was 
clear. I did a touch up every day for about a week, to grab the stray piece 
of duckweed that came floating out from under some plant leaf. The duckweed 
now appears to be gone for good and my other plants have light again! Woohoo!

Mike Wickham (mewickham at compuserve_com)
Pleco Press, publisher of aquarium books 
info at plecopress_com