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Re: DIY Water Changer / Chiller

Bill Wichers Wrote:

>The condensate might not be useable in all cases. I've seen lots of air 
>conditioning units where the condensate is carrying all kinds of gunk out 
>of the evaporator (cooling side of the air conditioner), and have been told 
>that it is common for there to be a lot of dissolved metals in the 
>condensate in some systems. I personally have seen things growing in 
>condensate too since it sits in a reservoir under the evaporator before 
>draining. I would suggest testing the condensate over a period of time 
>before using it in a tank. If it comes out clean, it's probably good 
>top-off water though since it's basically a poor-man's distilled water -- 
>provided it doesn't dissolve anything on the way out of evaporator.

Thanks for the input, Bill.  The water was tested for the presence of
copper (the coils).  However, no detectable amounts were found.  Obviously
no "gunk":-) Doing routine maintenance on an air conditioner one would use
would also help.  Should such fallout be detected in anyone's settup
particularly from a new unit, then adding carbon filtration to the
condensate's sump (pic 3) would eliminate the problem.  

One cannot underestimate the cost savings in less maintenance hassle,
eliminating the cost of D.I. water filter replacement and in providing an
environment that generates sustained overall vibrant fish and plant health.
 I think its worth the effort especially if you have a large aquarium
and/or you aquarium is located where water changing would be most

Aquarium Plants & Driftwood