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Re: PMDD Formula ? Good stuff to grow with

Sharon Frey is really fed up because she feels that Rex and
Roger chose "to admonish instead of answering a simple

I don't think Rex meant to be rude; seems to me it was a
quick response and intended lightheartedly.

I don't think Roger was admonishing anyone and he wasn't
even addressing the original question -- I think he was
responding to some "philosophizing" from me.  I wish he
posted more often -- he certainly has smarts in subjects
that I don't.  Worthwhile posts, you bet; just look into
the archives.  

In any event, don't let "smarts" drive you away if you have
questions.  By and large, questions get answers on APD --
even the one that originally prompted this thread.

We don't expect every response to a question to be just
what the asker needs -- some threads end up longer than
others.  Some questions even have to be asked more than
once -- for a variety of possible reasons.

Scott H.

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