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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V6 #4

Thanks to all who replied to my 'breeding cardinals in
planted tanks' question. I have concluded that it is almost
impossible-They need a special set up.

Chris also said:

> My previous tank was a cardinal tank, 55gal with live
> First I tried cardinals when freshly setting up the tank.
I got myself
> 30 of them to start. Within two weeks they were dead.
> I switched to tiger barbs for about a year. I then
returned them in
> exchange when cardinals became available and purchased
some more on top
> of those. This time I went home with 22 cardinals. All of
them lived
> without incident until I broke down the tank three years
later. I left
> my canister filter for  as long as 3 months between
cleanings  by
> lazyness/accident. No deaths. Fish load was low however.
> Moral of the story... don't start your tank with
cardinals... their
> sensitive after shipping and cannot be used to establish a
tank, even
> if  you use a product like cycle.
> Chris.

I had exactly the opposite experience: Two weeks after
setting up my tank, I introduced 22 cardinal tetras. All
survived and grew happily, which was surprising having heard
that they are sensitive. 6months later I bought another 20
from a different LFS. Put 10 in one tank and ten with the
previous 22 (no quarantine-not wise). Only three of the
newcomers survived after a couple of days. My tadpoles had a
feast of dead little cardinals. : \  Luckily none of the
older cardinals were effected.

I don't believe it is the tank that makes the difference.
True, the tetras died from stress,  but not from a tank
without any other fish.

I don't know which was the problem but I am not going to buy

from the last LFS
in Winter
if too small
if their bellies are concave



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