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Re: Injecting CO2 into a Canister or or other centrifugal Pump

Dave Millman asked:
> I'm considering converting from a powerhead-driven
> reactor to injecting CO2 
> into my HOT Magnum. I've noticed a lot of swishing noises
> from the Magnum 
> when it ingests random bubbles from the tank. Will the
> Magnum be noisy with 
> CO2 injected into its input?

Whether you will hear it is another question and whether it
will be noisy is yet another.

When bubbles are struck by the impeller blades in the pump,
it makes a sound.  It's probalby less than 20 decibels at 3
feet distance --  my equipment isn't accurate down at those
low levels -- also I'm using a small Rio and not a Magnum. 
But the basic point is that the sound is not loud,
*relatively* speaking.  Which brings us to the question of
whether you will hear it or not.  That depends on how much
other sound is in the room.  If the room if rather quiet,
you probably will.  If you have fans on your lights, normal
household activities going on, traffic outside, then the
sound of the bubble-smashing will be drowned out.

As for noisy?  Whether it's unpleasant is matter of
personal taste and sensitivities.  Some find the periodic
tick-tick-tick (or swish-swish-swish) annoying, others do

Hope that helps,
Scott H.

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