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Trace element mix

In reference to the trace element mix I offered earlier, I have good news, 
and I have bad news.

First the bad news. I didn't get enough responses to make it worthwhile to 
do. My objective was to get the mix at a reasonable price, and to share 
that with as many as wanted. I personally don't need 1500 gm. of the mix, 
so I fear I must withdraw the previous offer.

Now the good news. Thanks to Mr. Grigg, I found a cheaper source for the 
mix, about $20/kg for 2 kg tub. I will have to do some custom formulating 
(adding boric acid for the boron component), so the final cost for 100 gm 
will be about $3.00 plus shipping (probably about $2.00). That brings the 
total to about $5 per 100gm.


Douglas Guynn
dguynn at nwol_net

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