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Follow up on the tank set up

I am also adding 2 to 4 ten inch cube tanks on the stands next to the tank.
I have a QTL lighting system above the tank off to the side so that the vine
will be able to grow up the black light cable.
The tanks will be 4 gallons and be 40-50% black onyx substrate with cypress
bonsai growing in them. I also will have the back outside area of the tank
planted with Cypress and other plants.
I will make the cubes from 1/4 inch beveled glass. There will be about 4-6
inches of water in these and a pair of NATIVE Florida killifish of differing
species in each cube.

I'm adding 50lbs more of the onyx sand to create a more three dimensional
effect by adding two "hills" where the petrified wood is. This will enhance
the rock petrified wood more and create more a sense of room and space
rather than a flat cluttered look.

Heck, I still have to do a 25 gallon Maine planted tank the following

BTW, considering the decore you can find locally, cheap $$$ for it at that,
cheap hotels prices, planted rivers, pools and lakes vs small tanks that you
can swim, snorkel, dive in for literally miles and miles, nice open air BBQ
and out doors at a nice state Park etc, this ain't a bad place to have the
next AGA meeting:)
There's lots of things to con the spouse and kids into doing on the side.
Tom Barr