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Vermiculite+Soil+Sand (Jim Kelly/TheKrib method)

I am new to the list, and to proper planted tanks (I've done freshwater,
just not specifically planted), but I am currently setting up my new 55
gal., and was following the Jim Kelly/TheKrib method described at:


He lists a substrate bottom layer (2-3 inches) of 75% vermiculite + 25%
garden topsoil, followed by an upper layer (1-2 inches) of sandblasting
sand.  Jim Kelly seems to know his stuff, but the guy at the local aquarium
show (Natural Life in Sunnyvale, CA.) just shot me down saying that soil
will cloud your water forever, and sand will create algae due to what it
releases into the water.  But this guy is a serious salesman, and of course
the solution was to spend $150+ on his fluorite and onyx.  So now I'm
confused.  Is the Jim Kelly method okay?  I've seen other people online that
have used it too, but now I'm a little freaked out... Feedback?  Advice?

Thanks a lot!  :-)

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