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Bacopa Monniera as a medical herb

Since we all love aquatic plants, I thought you might be
interested in this little tidbid I came across ....

Excerpt from "Using Complementary Treatments"
by Wadie Najm, M.D.
Psychiatric Times  November 2002  Vol. XIX  Issue 11

Bacopa Monniera

  Also known as water hyssop, Bacopa monniera is an
  Ayurvedic herbal used for mental illness, epilepsy and
  cognitive enhancement.

  Steroidal saponins derived from the leaves are the
  active principle ingredient thought to enhance nerve
  impulse transmission, and hence to improve memory
  and cognition. Animal and human studies conducted
  in India in the early 1980s reported memory
  enhancing effects with improved concentration and
  working memory (Singh and Dhawan, 1982; Singh
  and Singh, 1980). Further studies are needed to
  explore the pharmacology and clinical usefulness of
  this supplement.

  The proposed dose of Bacopa monniera is 12 g/day of
  the dried plant in syrup. Possible adverse effects and
  interactions are unclear from the literature available.

Pretty neat! Does anyone know if other aquatic plants
we regularly use in our tanks have medicinal properties
as well?


Shireen Gonzaga
whimbrel at comcast_net