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Re: DIY Water Changer & Chiller

>This is a solution I came up with to make use of a resource that would
>normally go to waste.  It may not work for all (you need to be willing to
>punch a couple holes in your walls) but it's worth considering.  It
>involves adapting an air conditioner's condensation pipe to provide a
>continuous water change for a large, heavily stocked aquarium.  The
>condensate is really cheap, really pure water, cool water that through some
>selective drilling, some bulkheads, PVC and work, provides a near trouble
>free continuous water changer and chiller.  Welcome any critique of this
>setup and suggestions for improvement:

The condensate might not be useable in all cases. I've seen lots of air 
conditioning units where the condensate is carrying all kinds of gunk out 
of the evaporator (cooling side of the air conditioner), and have been told 
that it is common for there to be a lot of dissolved metals in the 
condensate in some systems. I personally have seen things growing in 
condensate too since it sits in a reservoir under the evaporator before 
draining. I would suggest testing the condensate over a period of time 
before using it in a tank. If it comes out clean, it's probably good 
top-off water though since it's basically a poor-man's distilled water -- 
provided it doesn't dissolve anything on the way out of evaporator.

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