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Re: Re:Silver dollars

The store where I work sold piranha Tom, and they
would go through plants about as fast as they did any
other food we put in the tank. Granted these were not
Whimple (unless that is another name for red belly).
If memory serves Whimple piranha are pretty expensive.
As for being angry with the sales person or talking to
the management(other posters not Tom), I think that is
a bit much. The responsibility for knowing what you
are buying is not the store's. They do not know your
tank even if you bought it there (unless business is
really reeeaaaaallllly slow ;-)) so keep that in mind.
Also, keep in mind that many of the folks bagging fish
in pet shops have nothing near the level of knowledge
that most people on this or other aquarium lists have.
Many times it is just someone who thought it would be
"neat" to work in a pet store. It is really unfair to
expect a store to staff experts when they are going to
be making near minimum wage at best. I would throw in
some neat latin phrase for 'buyer be educated', but my
latin sucks. Instead I will just say this, don't rely
on a guy who makes $6/hr to keep your tank going. Get
at least two or three opinions (different shops is
better), to make sure you just didn't catch the new
guy or the guy who is plain clueless (like telling
someone that silver dollars do not eat plants,
although the post said he told the person they are
fine on prepared foods which is true).

Date: Mon, 06 Jan 2003 23:14:49 -0500
From: Thomas Barr <tcbiii at earthlink_net>
Subject: Re:Silver dollars

> Subject: Silver Dollars

Whimple piranha are nice sub's for this type of tank
and are very nice 
There are other sub's.
Tom Barr

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