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Screw-in PC source


I pass along for comment a website I was exposed to in my professional life 
which sells "full spectrum" lighting including those screw in PC bulbs 
designed as energy efficient replacements for table lamps. Now, there's 
nothing new or exciting about this concept, plenty of non-incandescent bulbs 
are available which can screw into a regular table lamp socket -- but check 
out the specs. on these babies. Instead of rendering everything illuminated 
the typical, hideous, 3K yellow/green, these bulbs have a 90 plus CRI at 
5-6000K. Bulb life seems to CO-relate to the usual PC performance curve or 
about what one would expect, no?

<A HREF="http://www.fullspectrumsolutions.com./compact.htm";>Click here: 
ParaLite Full Spectrum Compact Fluorescent Lights</A>

Does anyone have any knowledge of or experience with this company or any of 
it's products?  If for real, this could be another alternative for tank 
lighting, especially for  tanks with a smaller footprint.


Bob Olesen  --  in West Palm Beach, FL. where it was so warm last weekend 
that I had to jump into the pool to cool off.