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DIY Water Changer & Chiller

For your consideration;

This is a solution I came up with to make use of a resource that would
normally go to waste.  It may not work for all (you need to be willing to
punch a couple holes in your walls) but it's worth considering.  It
involves adapting an air conditioner's condensation pipe to provide a
continuous water change for a large, heavily stocked aquarium.  The
condensate is really cheap, really pure water, cool water that through some
selective drilling, some bulkheads, PVC and work, provides a near trouble
free continuous water changer and chiller.  Welcome any critique of this
setup and suggestions for improvement:

I am not an air conditioning expert so I cannot advise anyone on how to
adapt their own unit. Especially would like to hear from an air
conditioning 'xpert that could tell me how to adapt any basic unit to get
at its condensate.  

In reality, the setup also has 3 other aquariums attached in series, an
automatic fish feeder, full lighting etc.  In addition, the overflow to the
outside is really in the back of the aquarium and not in the front (just
couldn't draw it in the back well enough to illustrate it). 

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