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possible parasite in oto cat?!

I know this is really a plant forum, but I figure
since they're kind of related and I've gotten such
good advice from you guys before, I wondered if any of
you would have any idea why one of my otos has these
tiny little blackish dots (to naked eye) near his gill
area. One or two appeared a few months ago, but now
there are about 4-5. My other fish (another oto, dwarf
gourami, 5 rasboras) are fine and the oto in question
is behaving normally (eating, active; not frantic).
They're both a bit skinny though I feed them veggies
3x/week. Sorry I don't have any pics-- I got a digital
camera for Christmas but am still too much of a
technomoron to get a picture of him that shows the
spots. I'm working on it, though! 
It may or may not be related, but the other day he had
a really thready-looking feces of inconsistent
circumference hanging. (Sorry so graphic;) It was
whitish, but I'd fed them a zucchini. 
I'd appreciate any help you could provide.

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