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Silver Dollars

Shane,     Silver Dollars and plants do not get along. Silver dollars along 
with red hooks and pacu's eat plants. Take the silver dollars back and 
complain to the manager.

   I know of no plants silver dollars don't eat, butt their may be some. My 
advice, there are a lot of fish out there, forget about silver dollars in a 
plant tank


Having never kept  Silver Dollars and always being interested in doing so
I finally got a small group (6) to go in my 20L tank. The tank had been
up for a month with just plants, heat, filtration and DIY CO2 and all was
going well. Long story short I got duped by the salesman. He said the
silver dollars just fine eating prepared foods. They took a liking to my
plants and in two days my moneywort was 12 stalks. Are there any plants
silver dollars don't like? I currently have anacharis, cryptocoryne
wendtii, hybrid aponogeton, hybrid ulvaceus and micro sword. They havn't
started in on anything else, yet.

Also, what are some reccomended plants that can be grown from cuttings? I
have another tank that is set up to be a plant rearing tank...to possibly
grow back up plants or just look pretty.

N. Shane Martin

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