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Eheim Defies Physics Again

 N the current Petsolutions.com catalogue, promoting Eheim,
it says:  "Why Buy Eheim?  Eheim quality & Techonology is
[sic] second to none.  All Eheim filters offer reliabiltiy,
minimal elecrical consumption and as [sic] unequaled life
expectancy.  The hermetically sealed motors have no moving
parts which results in silent pump operation."

That last sentence really causght my eye.  The grammar it
ain't none too good any way you cut it, but these Eheims
msut be very noisy (no moving parts that cause silent
operation).  Or maybe they noticed that there are no moving
parts and believe that explains why the pumps are so quiet.
 I think they should plug them in -- they make more noise
when the rotor rotates).

Maybe that's how they can put the 2026 pump on the 2028,
increasing the static resistance, yet claim a higher flow

And they say there ain't enough science in the hobby!  ;-)

Scott H. 

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