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Petrified wood, cypress knees and cedar

Just swung by a nice old codger's place and picked up petrified wood(a
number of different wood species, cypress and water oak) and got some truly
remarkable cedar stumps along with a very interesting group of Cypress

The knees are somewhat like the Rock displays Amano really likes and revels
about in Japanese art forms. They are light in weight so they will require
slate bottoms but they are very neat and worth any extra work.
I'll do a display with those later. They look neat arranged in the living
room for that matter.

I may use them on the __outside__ of the tank for effects around the tank.
But they will look better as a grouping inside the tank.

I picked some real nice petrified cypress and water oak here. There's some
huge pieces, beauts, around 2-3ft long, lots of character, these weigh about
100-200lbs or so. But he wanted about 100-150$ for those. I picked up the
"scraps" which would have cost 250$+ at the LFS for 25$. Some of the better
pieces I've seen.

The cedar stumps are very beautiful and will be the for the 75gal open top
with the ends poking up out of the water.
All the wood/petrified wood is from near here.

Heck, the tank looks nice without any plants at all:)

I'll post some set up designs with the new tanks soon.

Now I hope I can find some neat rock for the Marine planted tank. I did
manage to find some aragonite for 2.77$ for 50lbs. Nothing like Seagrasses
for a planted tank.

Tom Barr