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Re: introduction and CF question

>My question:  Will a single 55 watt CFbulb be sufficient (possibly with
>the addition of a standard 20 watt tube cannibalized from an old strip
>light), or would two 36 watt CF bulbs be better?  I do want sufficient
>light to grow my old favorite Rotala macrandra.  The tank will have
>some fluorite substrate, CO2 injection, and minimal filtration (probably
>just a powerhead).

If you're going to be using AH Supply's reflector along with a 55 watt PCF 
bulb you should have plenty of light in your 20 gallon tank. I have been 
happy with my 55 watt PCF lighting on two 20H tanks even though I've only 
been using some bent aluminum flashing as reflectors (been too lazy to trim 
the AH supply reflector to fit in the hood :-). I haven't tried any rotala 
in those tanks but have been able to grow some high-light rosette plants 
without any trouble.

If you're going to retrofit an existing hood make sure that whatever 
combination of lights you want to use will fit. A 55 watt PCF is a perfect 
fit in a typical all-glass 20H hood, but will leave *no* room for any 
additional lights in the hood unless you do some major modifications.

>Incidentally, a big clump of java moss survived 39 degrees and 6 days of
>darkness just fine, but the black brush algae looks very unhappy.  I
>don't recommend this as an algae-control strategy.

I think I'll stick with the blackout method... Freezer-burn algaecides just 
seem scary ;-)

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