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PMDD and more 2

APD> Till you sober up?:-)
Me, and everyone around. ;)

APD> Give it a try.
APD> Is it metric fittings or standard US fittings(1/2" vs 1 cm etc)?

A don't know, :( there were just to choices, one $100 the other $400
bigger tank, but too expensive. I will have to ask so i can buy better
stuff online. The cilinder says
W 0.4
TP 250
PG 2001.1

and a lot of other stuff, useful maybe. It must be the same standard
and i guess it is US.

APD> Or _lack_ of something.
Ummm. Yes know that i remember i read that somewhere. I will do my

When i get all the stuff i will post some photos if things get better,
i hope. My only problem is delivering the co2 to the 10 g and the 65
g at the same time. :(

I got a digital camera an took some pictures:

click on aqua you can see pictures of my 10 gallon and a lot
of pictures of 65 g.

I havenīt identified all the plants searching through tropica drawings
isnīt always nice. Anyway i just let the plants grow, latter a i will
try to give it a nicer look.


Diego C