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Re: Allelopathic chemicals

Although this does not really fall under the category of allelopathic 
chemicals, I posted a question/request for anyone with experiance/knowledge 
of the use of barley straw to control algae.  I know this subject has come up 
before but I do not believe it has been explored thorowly enough with regard 
to it's application in the freshwater/planted aquarium.  I am writing an 
article on the subject and would love to hear other's thoughts or opinions on 
the efficacy of barley straw and it's use for algae control.  Studies have 
been conducted with the majority of results being positive with respect to 
algalstatic (not algalcidal) use.  These tests have been conducted on larger 
bodies of water and not small testing subjects (i.e.- aquariums) to the best 
of my knowledge.  The implementation of a testing model would be very 
interesting (I have developed such a model but have not put into action yet). 
 Perhaps someone here would be interested in helping to conduct such a 
controlled study?

Duane Clark
AquaServe Aquarium Publications.