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Re: Alkalinity and Phosphates

On Friday 03 January 2003 04:49, James wrote:

> Cavan asked a question the other day about the possible effect Phosphates
> have on Alkalinity readings. In one form or another, this question has been
> battered around online since at least 1994. I've NEVER seen anyone step up
> to the bat to volunteer an answer.

James, you and Cavan should both know that there is almost no question that 
can be answered that hasn't already been answered on APD. 

Phosphate contribution to alkalinity is quantified in:


> Lots of stuff which says that things
> like Borates, Phosphates and Sulphates CAN add to Alkalinity readings, but
> nothing which says by how much, or to what degree.

Sulphates do *not* contribute to alkalinity.  I'm not sure about borate.  If 
you have borate concentrations high enough to read as part of your alkalinity 
then you have other problems to worry about.  Boron is toxic to plants at 
fairly low concentrations.

Roger Miller