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Denitrator question (freshwater) - CO2 & plants

Happy New Year everyone!

Someone bought me a denitrator for Christmas &, as a gadget freak with
mains water already high in Nitrates, I thought I'd give it a go (Sulphur
based, made by Deltec - see
http://www.ultimateaquatics.co.uk/acatalog/Deltec_Equipment.html for a

However I have a couple of questions that I would like to ask this learned
forum (especially Paul Sears, if you're around, & from whom I've already
learned a lot about water chemistry):

- Has anyone tried this specific method & does it really work?
- Does it have any bad / good / neutral effect on the plants?
- I read somewhere that the outflow is quite acidic & that the reason is
because one of the reaction components is xxSO4;
- Is that because it forms H2SO4 (or some other acid - is H2SO4 a "strong"
acid BTW?)?
- If the above is true (or even if it's not) how will this affect my
ability to calculate my CO2 content using the KH / pH formula?
- Does anyone on the list have a complete description of the chemical /
ionic reactions that occur in this process?

By the way, just to save time, I already know my other Nitrate reducing
options (mix mains water & RO, lighter fish load, ion xxsorbtion resins
etc.) & I've read everything about other denitrator activities such as the
DIY coil denitrator discussed on the Krib.

Background info.:

50gal tank;
Fish & plants;
CO2 injection;
Mainswater is 30ppm NO3, GH=16, KH=5;
Water change is just using mains water when the tank Nitrates start to get
too high (remember, they start at 30ppm!).

Regards, Kevin