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Re: RE: Trickle Filters and CO2 Loss

>Date: Tue, 31 Dec 2002 20:25:56 -0600
>From: "Charles Kuehnl" <ckuehnl at cox_net>
>Subject: RE: Trickle Filters and CO2 Loss

First of all, thanks for the help Charles. Seems that since I do not use
the actwin website to browse the posts, my post responding to George
came after yours in the post.

>Nope, that is one of the keys to NOT losing a lot of CO2 in a wet-dry
>filter. I conjecture that the media chamber quickly gets a high
>concentration of CO2 from outgassing of the water with the air in the
>chamber reaching equilibrium with the CO2 in the water. If you aerate,
it >blows the CO2 out of the chamber and you will lose a lot of CO2. We
aerated >at first then doubled CO2 tank life when we stopped. And then
you don't 
>get stupid air pump humming all the time. There is still lot's of fresh
>air being brought in along with the water flowing into the inlet.
>what all the gurgling is about, right?   

Makes sense to me. Thinking of selecting a larger size of my pipe to run
from pre filter to sump of 40mm instead of 32mm (whatever that is in
inches...). That will help things out in that area a bit.

> I have never had a trickle filter up and running.  I take it from what
> you say that the overflow tube is not full of water and sufficient air
> goes down it to permit the bacteria growth (or whatever) on the 
> biomedia to make it work.
>Exactly. Besides, even if bacterial growth is compromised, not much is
>needed in a plant tank anyway. It's a nice place to put CO2 reactors
>such and is easier to keep clean than a canister filter. 

Yeah, the main reason I've gone for wet/dry again is because, due to
some disastrous experiences, I am absolutely fed-up with canisters.
Besides, the convenience of not having a million and one gadgets in the
tank is more than worth it on it's own! As for my other post, I asked
the same question about not having enough O2 for the bacteria. Guess
that's been answered now ay?

>Hope this helps.

Thanks again Charles, it has put some of my worries to rest and
confirmed that perhaps I am doing the right thing in my designs! One
thing I love about this hobby - always learning. Thought I had learned
plenty with reefs (though nowhere near what would be considered a 'lot'
of knowledge compared to what is out there!) etc then switch to plants
for a change. Who knows what may be next - vivarium, reptiles... I am
friendly with an lfs owner here who is a major herp/amphibian etc
breeder. Maybe the old 4'18"x20" will be a great terrarium home for a
small captive bred forest dragon yet :)


Adam Shaw