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Catching Fish

two methods of catching fast fish that have worked for

1. (Just last night I caught two wily but curious
Mollies this way): Cut a 2 liter soda bottle in two
about where the neck starts to narrow. Invert the neck
(no cap) backwards into the bigger part of the bottle.
Put in a tasty treat, lay it on it's side in the tank.
Watch & wait. Once they go in there they can't seem to
get back out. Lift out contraption with fish inside!

2. (I used this to catch clown loaches): Put in a
piece of PVC pipe. Soon the loaches take up residence.
Cap one end. Let them get used to that. Then, putting
your hand over the open end, lift them out.

The only way I could catch an SAE was to drain the
tank down half way and corner her.