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Re: PMDD Formula ? Good stuff to grow with

In my prior post, I said that archives were often less than
clear.  I did not mean to complain about the archives, the
archivists, nor the contributitors.  Indeed, I find them a
tremedous resource, as many others clearly do too.

I meant only to make the case that even the "simplest"
questions are not only useful to be asked and shared but
they are often provoked by the available info and it's wide
variety of forms.

James makes a very good point about science and I'd like to
try to make a good point about dumbing down too   ;-). 
Some things *can* be dumbed down (although I think a better
term would be "simplified") and that makes the hobby
available to a wider group -- some folks just don't have
the time for the more complicated stuff.  But he simplified
versions are adequate for simpler purposes.  Some folks
just want a nice looking tank that isn't too much trouble
(for them) and aren't interested in winning awards or
growing rare, newly introduced plants, etc.  There's room
for them too.

Deep in my heart *I* want to know about the science behind
all the stuff, especially since there is so much anecdotal
info.  But we don't lose any science when we become clear
about the difference of putting chems in solution in 300 ml
(which might be in an aquarium) vs making a 300 ml solution
(which might be added to an aquarium).

A simple question can reveal what's confusing about what's
already been said.  Are not the most basic questions the
real heart of good science?

Scott H.

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