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Re: PMDD Formula ? Good stuff to grow with

David A. Youngker asked:

> This is the *second* time in just a couple of weeks that
> one List member has
> told another to remove themselves from either the List or
> the field of
> aquascaping over the simplest of statements or questions.
> Does anyone know
> _why_ this is becoming a trend here?...

Generally the list members are helpful and polite to each
other.  And sometimes the kidding rubs the wrong way.

Certainly, what seems like a question of the obvious to one
of us members might seem like an a obvious question to ask
to if you're new to the subject.  

There is so much myth and dogma about tropical fishkeeping
and aquatic gardening, I think it's great when folks ask
questions, even (maybe especially) basic and "obvious"
ones.  If someone can trudge through the archives and come
to the conclusion that most of this stuff is pretty clear,
even to novices, that person is a better person than I. 
The vagueries, differences, ambiguities, and downright
confusions are all part of the territory.

About the only really clear thing is Tom's guideline's on
fertilizing, imo   ;-)  .  I think this list is great; I
don't mind any of the questions, at least not the polite
ones.  Same goes for the responses.

Scott H.

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